Cruise Trip Shore Excursions in Cartagena - Spain

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CARTAGENA - Shore Excursions & Tours - SPAIN

Shore Excursions
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                                Half Day Shore Excursion - Cartagena                                  

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Cartagena is a city that has been shaped by 1,000 different cultures with its magnificent harbor that has been considered by a number of civilizations to be a perfect strategic location. Today, this Punic, Roman, military and Modernist city offers a wide variety of places to visit.

This harbor city is rich in history which you can experience on this walking tour, see the well-preserved memories of the earliest time of its history. The port provides an open door to the bay, which has been entered by numerous civilizations, cultures and religions which were attracted by the strategic location and abundant resources of the Spanish Carthaginian Kingdom territory.

As we walk from the port area your first visit will be made to the panoramic lift, to ascend to the Castillo de la Concepción, which is the best starting point to discover the city and to obtain an overview of the 3,000 years of history; The Punic Cartagena founded around 229 BC by the General Hasdrubal.

The mineral wealth that attracted years later the Romans made it one of the most important colonies of the Roman Hispania. With the Arab occupation and the Conquest of Castile by Alfonso X in 1245, the splendor of 18th century military became the maritime Department of the Mediterranean. It is in the 19th century when Cartagena is living one of its periods of wealth thanks to the industrialization and its port.

Later you will visit the Roman Theatre of Cartagena, accompanied at all times by a guide who will explain the curiosities of this iconic site. The theatre’s construction began at the end of the 1st century BC, coinciding with the period of greatest urban swing of the Roman colony under the reign of Augustus, the man who defeated Anthony and Cleopatra in battle. Close to the theatre are the remains of the Cathedral.

Please Note: Comfortable walking shoes, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen are recommended on this tour.

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                               Full Day shore excursion - City Tour Cartagena                         

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

The port of Cartagena has been prized since Carthaginian times thanks to its strategic position on the Murcia coast. It has been inhabited by several cultures which have left their mark on its artistic heritage with splendid history in its streets and squares.

On this walking tour we will take a trip back in time for a cultural experience in Cartagena, a city which is almost 2,500 years old.

Leaving the port area your first stop will be the Naval Museum. One of the rooms here is dedicated exclusively to Isaac Peral, a native of this city and the inventor of the submarine. An original prototype of the world’s first submarine can be found in Cartagena, it was invented and launched from here in 1888.

Continue on foot to San Sebastian Square and Main Street for a taste of true Modernism. View architecture with its characteristic glassed-in balconies, worked in iron with bronze reliefs of allegorical figures. See many elegant monuments to the bourgeoisie which remain as evidence of the area’s economic development based on mining and industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Your next stop will be the recently renovated Roman Theatre constructed by Emperor Augusto. See the original construction materials alongside that of the new used to reconstruct what the building would have looked like. The regeneration project of the Roman Theatre has taken into account the integration of the remains in the urban network, as well as its adequate preservation and presentation for learning and cultural purposes.

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                          Full Day shore excursion - City Tour Cartagena & Murcia               

Duration: Approximately 7 hours

This Cartagena shore excursion showcases the best highlights available in the city. A professional guide leads you from landmark to landmark, providing a comprehensive full-day experience.

Destinations on this Cartagena tour include the historic port city, Roman Theater, and old quarter. You will also visit Murcia, its impressive cathedral, old quarters, and baroque sanctuary of Fuensanta. Beautiful views are available throughout this tour. Book today for a memorable journey into a gorgeous city!

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