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Coach Hire in Cagliari

Coach hire, coach tours, coach transfers

Coach hire in: Italy Austria Germany France Spain Portugal Slovenia Belgium Holland Hunary Poland Slovenia Europe
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Coach Tours in: Italy Austria Germany France Spain Portugal Slovenia Belgium Holland Hunary Poland Slovenia Europe

Coach hire for Airport Transfers and Shore Excursions in: Italy Austria Germany France Spain Portugal Slovenia Belgium Holland Hunary Poland Slovenia Europe
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Coach & MiniBus Charter in Italy and Europe - Airport Transfers for Groups all over Europe - Shuttle or Charter Bus Transfer in Italy and Europe  

Wine Tours in Italy           Shopping Tour in Italy          Gastronomy Tour in Italy         Trekking Holiday Italy        School Ski Holiday in Italy

Coach & MiniBus Charter in Italy and Europe - Coach Tours in Europe for Groups - Charter Bus Transfer service in Italy and Europe  

Tailor made Coach Tours in Europe - Bus Charter services in Europe

Coach Transfer service from Airport to Mountain Ski or Seaside Resorts

Not only Coach Tours: Ski Holidays (to be combined with a Day in Venice) Geology Cultural Holiday See 460 million Years evolution in a 20 miles radius

 Combine a Mediterranean Cruise with a Cultural - Historical or Shopping Cruise Excursion  - Various Tour itineraries

Mediterranean Cruises - Shore Excursions (Groups only)
Cruising the Mediterranean
? We offer competitive tailor made quotations for
Groups  (from 10 to ....) Bus Charter, Local multilingual Guides, Restaurants, Hotels.

Pre / Post Cruise - Hotel Reservations:

ITALY: FRANCE: Cannes -Nice/Villefranche - Montecarlo - Marseille Abu Dhabi

GREECE: Athens - Chania
PORTUGAL: Lisbon - Oporto
SPAIN: Barcelona - Valencia - Cadiz
Rome/Civitavecchia TURKEY:  Istanbul -  Izmir  -  Kusadasi
Cagliari Cagliari Civitavecchia Genova La Spezia Cagliari Cagliari Napoli Palermo Ravenna Salerno Savona Trieste Venice Nice Marseille Barcelona Valencia Cartagena Palma de Mallorca Malaga Cadiz Lisbon Porto Istanbul Izmir Kusadasi Athens Chania Corfù Malta Dubrovnik Cruise trip excursion fro Port of Triest, Venice,Ravenna,Cagliari,Cagliari,Brindisi,Cagliari,Cagliari,Palermo,Salerno,Naples,Rome Civitavecchia,Cagliari Pisa Florence,La Spezia Genua Savona On our shore excursions, you will have your own private Coach and guide at your disposal, which allows you to interact with a local expert on each stop
of your selected itinerary.

Reserve in advance and be assured of your excursion choices. Your own Custom made itinerary - Avoid sold out excursions  - Save time and money.

Start your cruise knowing that everything you book is reserved and paid for.

We offer you the possibility to create your own shore excursions itineraries
at rates considerably lower than those offered at the ship’s excursion desk.
No limits on the number of people in your group.

Only One important suggestion: book in advance!

Cruise trip excursion fro Port of Triest, Venice,Ravenna,Cagliari,Cagliari,Brindisi,Cagliari,Cagliari,Palermo,Salerno,Naples,Rome Civitavecchia,Cagliari Pisa Florence,La Spezia Genua Savona

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Oldest Incoming Travel Agency in the Friuli Venice Giulia Region (Italy)
Official Unlimited Licence 311/TUR/84 of Region Friuli Venice Giulia (Italy)
Chamber of Commerce/Udine(Italy) R.E.A. Nr.116624  -  (VAT) IVA: IT 0027 3370 304

Shopping Tour Italy
Shopping Tour Italy
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