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NAPLES - Shore Excursions & Tours

Shore Excursions
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      Naples Shore Excursion 1: Fabled Pompei
      Naples Shore Excursion 2: Historic Naples
      Naples Shore Excursion 3:
Romantic Capri

    Naples Shore Excursion 4: Ruins of Herculaneum
    Naples Shore Excursion 5: A Taste of Italy

    Naples Shore Excursion 6: Reggia di Caserta

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                                                   Shore Excursion to Pompei - Italy                                              
Duration: Approximately 3 - 4 hours

Possibly the most famous excavation in the world, Pompeii once supported a flourishing civilization that was revealed nearly intact after being buried nearly 1,700 years. The once prosperous commercial and political center with a population of 25,000 was hidden under 20 feet of volcanic ash and cinders during the fateful eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. Originally a seaport, the eruption raised the land and left the ruined town far from the bay. You will enter Pompeii through the Sea Gate and walk along the cobblestone streets to the agora, surrounded by temples, porticoes and law courts. It was the religious, civic and business center of the city. Because Pompeii was so well preserved, you can see many fine details that reveal the lifestyles of the residents, such as mosaic floors and colorful frescoes in some of the homes. As you wander through this ancient city, you can't help but notice the still-active Mount Vesuvius towering above.

Note: There is extensive walking over cobblestone paths and uneven surfaces. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. A stop will be made at the Cameo factory.

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                                                Shore Excursion Historic Naples Italy                                                
Duration: Approximately 4 hours

This tour combines views of some of Naples' most impressive castles, monuments and other public buildings, visits to two churches and a museum, and a stop at a picturesque fishing village. On the way to your visit at the National Archeological Museum, you will drive through main streets and piazzas and past the main cathedral, the 14th-century Duomo. In the museum, considered one of the most important in Europe, the collection includes the select Farnese acquisitions, plus mosaics from Pompeii and bronze sculptures representing the Greek schools of Phidias, Lysippus and Praxiteles excavated in Herculaneum. Proceed on foot to the richly decorated Gesu Church, then on to the quiet and colorful cloisters of the Church of Santa Chiara. You will have a little time for shopping, then continue your drive through the city, passing the Royal Palace and the Church of St. Francis. You will stop at Mergellina, a fishing village that is a photographer's dream. Driving back along the coast to Naples, you will pass many elegant seaside hotels, plus the Castle of the Egg, a 12th-century fortress overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

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                                                               Shore Excursion to Capri Italy                                                 
Duration: Approximately 6 hours

A fabled resort for pleasure seekers even in the time of ancient Rome, Capri has earned a legendary reputation as the "island of love". Its coastal caves, glowing with light filtered through the surrounding sea, have awed visitors for centuries.. As you come ashore in Naples, you will be taken to the jetfoil/hydrofoil berth where you will board one of these modern crafts and be wisked across the Bay of Naples to the Marina Grande Harbor on Capri. Here you will transfer to mini buses and ascend to Anacapri to enjoy the beautiful scenic views and a visit to Villa San Michele, the house of the Swedish writer Dr. Axel Munthe. Your drive continues to Capri town, where your guide will take you on a stroll along the famous "piazzetta", through old cobblestone streets and to the Augustus Gardens. From here you will have a panoramic view of the Marina Piccola and the ancient monastery. You will have some time at leisure before taking the funicular down to Marina Grande to board a jetfoil/hydrofoil for the return across the Bay to Naples.
Note: Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

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                                                 Shore Excursion Ruins of Herculaneum                          
Duration: Approximately 3 - 4 hours

This tour begins with a drive through Naples, past the Castle Nuovo and the Royal Palace, the Opera House, the Galleria Umberto I and the Church of St. Francis. You will see the Castle of the Egg, dominating the harbor of Santa Lucia, before heading to Herculaneum. Founded around the fourth century BC, it eventually became a resort center for the Roman aristocracy. In 79 AD, the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii also laid waste to Herculaneum. While hot ashes charred or consumed the wood of Pompeii's structures, Herculaneum's death came in a flood of hot mud that sealed whole buildings and kept them from decay. Excavations began in 1709, and from 1738 to 1765 systematic explorations were conducted under the order of Charles II. Those and subsequent efforts have exposed inlaid marble floors, mosaics and paintings. While walking through these ruins, one can easily imagine daily life in this village, which was suffocated so abruptly.

Note: There is approximately one hour of walking over cobblestone streets and uneven pathways. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. A stop will be made at the Cameo factory.

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                                                        Shore Excursion A Taste of Italy                                          
Duration: Approximately 5 - 6 hours

Leaving the port area, we drive south to mingle with the descendants of a town which has attracted holidaymakers for as long as people have been making holidays. Sorrento was the home of the Sirens, who attempted to lure Ulysses on to the rocks. It is doubtful whether in daylight hours we shall meet any modern sirens, but the town caters with a vengeance for the souvenir-hunting tourists. Few minutes away from Sorrento, in a beautiful countryside you reach a farm-house, where the owner will accompany you for a complete tour of the farm and for an explanation of all wine and Mozzarella cheese processes. You will visit the antique wine "cantina", the press process of the olives and the hand process of the typical mozzarella cheese. After all these interesting explanations and demonstrations, a taste of handmade bread, cheeses and salami will be served in a beautiful garden of lemon and olive trees where it is possible to admire the nature away of everyday life. After the visit, there will be free time in Sorrento center to explore, shop and relax in a outdoor cafe, or perhaps combine all three. Soon after, our motorcoach will be ready to take us back to Naples.

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